The Energy of The World is Shifting Upward, Are You Ready to Thrive


Have you ever wondered why do you exist in this time, space and reality? or Who are you? 
or What's the meaning of life?

If you are here, I believe it's your timing to awaken the powerful intend and the purpose that you planned to create for the humanity and ALL. 

Till now, I am still facinated by the fact that I was called to write this book for you, while writting is not my passion and had no clue what a calling was. So, I'm super delighted that you are here.

In this new era of AI is important for us to harness our innate power by learning how to focus and direct the energy to switch reality within, thus you and I could co-create a sustainable version of the world for ALL to enjoy together as 1.

Who This Book Is For


Value Intelligence is a Goldilocks for life seekers, entrepreneurs, CEOs,  educators, and anyone looking to gain insights of how to switch reality proactively. 

Whether you are trying to get more out of life, figure out who you are  and why are you here in this New Era of AI or ready to awaken the divine power within to become the master of your life experience, Value Intelligence will bring you the clairty that you are seeking.

What You’ll Get
Out Of Value Intelligence

MIND Switch - Creator Switch Book 1

• Discover Your True Value Living Here Now

• Train Your Divine-Like or Buddha Nature - The Self-Empowerment of ME & U (Mind, Emotion, and Universe)

• Uncover Your 9 Values of Life That Markup Your Reality

• Target the Most Important Value That Controls Your RealityExperiences

• Utilize Your Value Intelligence to Choose and Switch to A Preferable Reality

• Leverage the 4 Fundamental Universal Laws to Supercharge Your Vibrational Reality (VR)

• Learn How to Transcend Your Generational Distorted Programming (GDP)

• Become the Master of Your Life - maybe feeling the invincibility for the first time ever 

About The Author


Ting Pan, born in Taiwan, lived in United States, and working in Shanghai China, she holds two Bachelor Diplomas in International Studies – Economics & Traditional Chinese Medicine along with a Master’s Degree in Integrative Medicine Oncology. 

Ting is also a published liver cancer research author, and had worked as a sales representative, financial planner, and web development in the past. She has an unique and profound view about both the human body, mind and spiritual consciousness, and how to co-create with the Universe through awakening one’s true value to be, to express and to live a joyful life journey.